About Us


Stockholm Sports Center is a gym and fitness center just north of Stockholm, Sweden, located on campus at the largest university in Sweden, Stockholm University. We offer a multitude of sports activity including, but not limited to, badminton, table tennis, floorball, indoor football and basketball. As a student union owned company, our number one priority is to provide easy and comfortable access to diverse quality sports activity for students, exchange students, future students and everybody else who finds their way to us. Our intention is to help contribute to the general well-being for our geographical surroundings and increased health awareness for our guests and visitors.


Our primarily vision and values are related to our special situation as a student owned company: Student benefits, Financial sustainability and Modernity.

Student benefits: Given the demanding financial situation most students finds themselves in, it is important for us to offer quality and accessible sports activities. The basis for this is the benefits of a healthy mind through a healthy physique hence our heavily subsidized prices for card wearing SUS members as well as other SSCO affiliated student unions.

Financial sustainability: This notion is very important for us, as our intention is to manage our subsidies for as long as possible. Within the framework of the financial sustainability, we do also take into account environmental sustainability as we see financial and environmental sustainability as intertwined because both are relevant for a health and enriching future.

Modernity: To increase our quality and quantity within sports, it is required of us to be and use a modern viewpoint. We review any new sports or exercise formats for an eventual implementation and see our own development as something organic. Given our other values, modernity becomes very important as we always intent to better our services and offerings for both students and others.