13th of June 2017

Subsidized prices and healthy financial results – not impossible at all

Subsidized prices are usually perceived as being something that is only possible through grants or
something that gives visible results in the form of red numbers. Stockholm Sports Center now
shows that good financial performance and subsidized prices are not an impossibility but a
practical, living reality.

Stockholm Sports Center is based on a fairly unique articles of association that comes from being a
fully student-owned company. Therefore, it is not a surprise that we have always kept students
closed to our hearts, a relationship that we have spent a lot of time in the past years to improve.

This work has resulted in a renewed pricing strategy that has taken root in the visions and values that
are designed to flow throughout our business: student benefits, financial sustainability and
modernity. Key words that are intended to guide us to reach our goals of offering broad
opportunities for sports practice at the Stockholm University campus today and in the future.
The new price strategy has meant market-adjusted prices, an increase since our prices have
remained unchanged for many years. At the same time, we have lowered the prices for students,
some of our offerings are even completely free. These discounts are not the results of increase
prices, but should be seen as an overall efficiency of the company. The reduced student prices have
contributed to an increase in student’s visiting us, which is seen as a gain in itself, since we believe
we have a certain responsibility for student health and general well-being on the Campus-area.
Overall, these measures have led to substantially increased revenues, which we consider to prove
that subsidized prices and good financial results actually coincide and certainly have a intertwined

Revenues that lay the foundation for the economic sustainability that will be used to give the sports
centre increased opportunities for sport and, through modernization, attract more widespread
groups to a facility that will make the patrons feel welcomed.

Joakim Jonsson
Member of the Board
Stockholm Sports Center (AB Frescatihallen)